Storms and Things Custom Made

Where I live we are currently in the season of storms. We recently experienced 2 which behaved different to the other and also different to what the experts predicted. While I wouldn’t say they were custom made they reminded me of the reason why I am an artist.

At Island Living, my team and I make individual pieces of art from fabric and yes, we often do custom made work. If it were clothing it would be called made-to-measure but often times the custom-made work is placed on walls or chairs, commissioned fabric art or drapery.

No two projects are the same, and often it takes time to get to know what the client is like and what they want. Some say yes quickly and move to the end of the project, others linger and waffle, changing speed, direction and outcomes. As I experienced both storms, I appreciated the individuality of things. I remembered my own still strong desire not to be typecast or considered the same as. In my work with fabric I notice that cloth from different manufacturers behave differently too, and even threads.

There is speed and efficiency in making many things the same way, there is comfort in knowing an outcome, ease in making predictions; but then you buy that pair of pants, and find it doesn’t fit right. I remember an old calypso from Lord Nelson about two liars in a competition. One said he knew a tailor who made suits for Shakespeare and Hamlet and hasn’t made a mistake to today. The winning liar said, his tailor was the best, don’t show him the man, ‘’just show him the corner where the fella passed, and he go make a suit.” Lord Nelson – King Liar.

As artists we thrive on the individuality of things. We can use the same fabrics on different projects and get different results. We use predictability for sure, but we play mostly with individuality; revelling in the opportunity to create something different. Contact us if you would like to have a special item custom-made.

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