Red Sky At Night
At this time of year, for about 10 days, I have an unobstructed view of the setting sun. At this time of year, as the sun appears to move south to create the shortest day of the year, there is a gap in my vista where the vegetation is still low enough, or I'm sufficiently high enough, to see a slice of the sky with the setting sun.

I get comfortable and watch this no-internet-cable-or-wi-fi-necessary play of colour and light at the horizon line. Scientifically speaking for barely a minute, we see the sunset in reds and yellows because of atmospheric conditions brought on by the earth’s movement. Blue light scatters when the sun is lowest in the sky, so the lower the sun drops, the more of a show we get. The sky goes from almost white hot to bright orange, purple, sometimes even a deep crimson red, while the clouds add varying colors of grey, and, once we have the right conditions, a green flash.

The constancy of this daily show, does not escape me, and for these 10 days, I organize my evening to witness art in the sky. On one particular evening, I couldn’t help but notice the silence and power of this light show. Of course, there is no sound as the earth goes about her daily movement; an act which causes me to see the sun as if it’s dropping into the sea. There are no bells or chimes announcing the time to get to my seat. Going about our business in a noisy world we can easily miss the array of colours at sunset or at sunrise for that matter and most people do. The movement of the earth on its axis around the sun is what the earth does. It is her purpose and she does it silently and consistently. When you do what you are, your true colours will shine and there are those who will pay attention.
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