Giving Thanks

My youngest granddaughter and her mother @riridimples just left after a two week visit. Needless to say, the pleasure was all mine. Of course they got a break from the chilly fall temperatures, had a chance to swim in the buoyant salt water, experience new sites make new friends and eat island food, (you should have seen this 6 month old with Sugar Cane and coconut jelly, she was a natural). But I got to cuddle with those chubby cheeks, chunky arms and legs, smell like a baby, sing lullabies and hear the giggle of a tiny person. Imagine that!

So today I give thanks for the pleasure of seeing my family move into a new generation. Seeing the older heads bond again in trying to give the new mother some time to herself, and for being able to say after some time, "Okay, go to Mommy now."

I am Grandma, Granny, Grams, whatever she decides to call me, and I accept, but her parents have to have their turn with support yes, but I am not to take the wheel, I've had my turn. Wherever I am, we will connect and bond and celebrate or encourage, as Grandma to granddaughter.

Of my son @adisalapierre who has this wonderful family, I'm extremely proud. He's been knocked about but is never knocked down. He's been denied but never defeated, his goodness is always shining.

For my family, I give thanks.


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