Charlestown Gallery Opens It's Doors For Another Season
The Charlestown Gallery has again opened its doors for another season of Art from the artists of Nevis.

The gallery, manned by the artists, is open from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Monday to Saturday and can be found in the all stone building adjacent to the Taxi Stand, and across from the Nevis Tourism Authority, in Charlestown.

Art is seeing, and helping others to see. As one of the artists I do hope you can stop in to see what we have produced and that you will choose a piece for your home or office or both.

Exhibiting artists are:

Marvin Chapman
Theodore Kelly
Dick Maynard
Ras Laro
Deborah Tyrell
Sydney Prince
Anne Rose
Jonathan Rose
Celia Gaskell
Clare Yearwood
Judith Saloman
Rosemary Smith
Ruth Powell
Janet Dobson
Pam Barry
Rosemary Sullivan

If you know of an artist, who would like to show their work, and or sell their work, please have them contact me. The gallery exists to provide residents and visitors with a source of locally made items. In addition to wall art, we have wearable art in the form of jewelry, belts and clutch purses.

I do hope you take sometime to visit the gallery this season.

Best regards, Deborah
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