Where is this going?

There is much dismay around the world about the US President-elect. To say that the election captured the attention of political pundits the world over is an understatement.

In my island home many are in disbelief that a country such as America will 'allow' such a person to become nominated much less elected. It's like a joke on the world standards of political leadership. It appears to make it right to hate, divide and belittle.

The fact that almost 15 million votes were counted and the decision known before 2 am is in sharp contrast to my island home. A place where in the last two elections corruption in the electoral office kept us without this information for 12 hours in the first instance and 2 days in the second. Theirs is the standard of professionalism the world has come to expect and take guidance from; until now.

In reality, it is the standards of professionalism of the US, Britain, Canada and other first world countries to which the rest of the world tries to adhere. So now, our small island states and other countries of the world are in a holding pattern to see the effects of this disruption to the norm.

There are protest marches and boycotts as the time draws closer to when 'elect' is dropped from the title. However, I believe that the majority of us are silently hoping that some good will come out of this. I predicted his victory simply because he campaigned so forcefully against the status quo. I predicted too that as a result of his victory we will see much more politics of cause, activism and protestations during his time in office.

While my protest actions in the 70's did not by themselves free Nelson Mandela, Angela Davis. Huey Newton or Steven Biko, my participation in these activities supported my belief that I could influence change. So it is fitting that a presidential campaign fought vehemently on breaking with tradition will endure protests and calls for action from its inauguration until we see the good of it.

Disruption for disruption sake does little to advance us, is there a strategic plan somewhere? If so, when will it be revealed, and will it also be protested against?

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