Surrounded by Art

This may seem normal because I manage a small Art Gallery in Charlestown, Nevis, and it is normal that I'm surrounded by Art. This past weekend I changed two installations. One installation is in a Fine Dining restaurant, the other at the gallery. Working with the pieces, preparing the shows and hanging them this time, highlighted a connection for me.

The installation in the restaurant is the highly emotional mostly abstract work of a single artist. The pieces use bright colours but carry a mixture of emotions both on the surface and as you look deeper. If you look at them through the lens of a camera, it becomes easier to see the 'figure(s)' within. It's as if there is this person under the paint, or, the person who is the paint deliberately obscuring themselves.

The second installation in the gallery, shows work from 18 visual artists as well as writers, sculptors and jewelry artisans. For this installation the challenge is to create synergy out of the diverse styles, levels, themes and even the size of the pieces brought to be shown. Each artist takes colour, subject matter and medium in hand to render a piece that may or may not, touch your heart and sing to your soul the way art can.

This past weekend was also Phagwah or Holi in the Hindu community. Hindus everywhere were covered with colour. In a few weeks it will be Easter for the Catholics, Anglicans and others. The timing and approach is different but the message is the same:- love, forgiveness, coming together and rejoicing.

The connection for me was that the diversity in the art world is but a mirror of the diversity in the world. By choosing to accept differences, highlight them and work with them, synergy is possible.

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