I Make Things for a living...

I Make Things for a living...


 I make things for a living – and direct others in the work of making for a living.

Every day I get up, walk into my studio and decide what’s getting made that day. As a ‘maker/creator’ I am in a minority group in my community and this is something I would like to change.

I believe that mine is a community of followers. The people who want to be in the group that has the largest amount of other people. The people who prefer to be in style not creating style; who seem afraid to be or do different than what the others are doing.

In my experience makers are people who tinker, explore and discover. People who use their skills and a certain mindset to make a way, where there was none before. Makers ask questions like “What if?” and “How can I?” They aren’t afraid to dress differently, are not turned off after making a mistake and welcome new opportunities and the chance to solve problems.

So as a maker trying to change my world I ask myself the following: What if I did like the UN and set MDGs, Maker Development Goals? What kind of action would I have to take that would contribute to a community of makers?

After some self-analysis I came up with the following list.

Support education in trade skills

Seek to create a sub-culture that celebrates the individual

Identify policies that would support MSME development
Encourage lifelong learning
Promote the acquisition of assets over commodities

Foster creative thinking and real world problem solving


To be sure, I don't yet have a plan to act on the list, but I think big thinking like this must happen to bring much needed change to my community. What are you doing to be the change you want to see in your world?

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