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Growing up Trinidadian I've often heard my mother use words that are of another language within her English sentences. I recently had reason to ask her about the word Hottotoe - my spelling based on her pronunciation - as I heard the term Hottentot Venus for the first time. My Mother said when they used the word it described something that there was a lot of. I found it interesting since the Hottentot Venus, a circus act in the early 1800's, was an African woman with a very large 'bottom'.
Sunday, 12 April 2015 01:19

What's in a name?

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Welcome to the Eiffel Metal Stand.

I live on an island frequented by visitors and I operate a business that creates original fabric art. Every so often I see the informal re-naming of our landmarks in blog posts, marketing materials and published articles by persons who have visited or intend to.

I recently came across a group who conducted a wellness seminar at one of the local hotels. On their web page they took the time to outline the skills and experience of those leading the workshops, they detailed how to travel, when to arrive, what to expect while on the island, then having done all that they pointed out that they will be going to Saddle Ridge for fantastic panoramic views. Hold on! There is no place called Saddle Ridge on my island.
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